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Our business is making the internet work for your business.

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Karen Robertson

I'm a small business expert because I own a small business. I bring big business thinking to the table because that's where I learned the ropes. Are you ready to put the internet to work for your business?


We help you get from here to there with marketing campaigns designed with your ideal customers in mind.

We just the love socks off WordPress websites. Want one? Let us help you. Consultation, design, hosting and search friendly content. Packages start at $250.

We create hard working content that drives traffic and creates qualified leads through list building. We help you plan your content then work your plan.

We set up your online store and create sales funnels that attract people interested in your product.

Did you know Facebook is a marketing list-building super power machine? We show you how to create highly segmented audiences using the right social media platforms to reach your audience.

A picture paints a thousand words. Communicate your core message with creative logo designs suitable for multiple platforms.

Email is the most important part of your online customer strategy. We build your email list, manage your data and create campaigns that convert.

We help you create press releases to promote a launch or handle a crisis. News hacking or event promotion, we tell your story to existing audiences.

Posters, invitations, banners, brochures, business cards, letterhead or labels. We work with your printer or ours to create great looking, hard working printed materials.

Got news? Whether print or e-newsletters we write, layout and design your intra-organization newsletters.

Not just ads, ads that convert. We create ad campaigns that bring qualified leads to sales pages that close the deal. Are you ready to build a sales funnel?

Some people want you to think Search Engine Optimization is a stand alone thing. It ain't. SEO is built in from the selection of your domain and every thing that comes next. We'll help you plan SEO and work your plan.

We help you create and manage grants, Kickstarter campaigns and other creative ways to fund your start up or project.


Marketing Basics from the Basement

marketing plan begins with your Avatar.

Marketing Plan Basics – Where do I Start?

Time to meet your marketing plan’s VIP Your marketing plan is the path that brings your product (or service) to the marketplace. Advertising, pricing, social platforms, branding, images, data analysis, segmentation; all these things matter. But they only matter as it relates to one thing, your customers. Your customers have habits, problems, concerns, and desires. […]

Small Business Websites Basics

Looking to build your first small business website? Perhaps you are a small business owner in Maine or any other place on the globe that has a local market. One decision that’s not hard to make is whether you need a small business website. Of course the answer is yes. After that things can get […]

Poster Design Drives Traffic

Poster design that works for small business. A poster should catch your eye from a distance, draw you in and get you to take action such as visit a website, save a date or like a page on Facebook for more information. Plan_it Marketing provides graphic support for your small business, helping you create posters […]

Don't let your small business marketing plan be like this guy. A jockey rides in a cart before the horse

Small Business Marketing – When to Start

Put your small business marketing plan ahead of selling. Start marketing (audience building, list building, social engagement, branding) at least a year before you start selling if you can. Your favorite small business marketing guru says now, start marketing now. I was talking to a Maine small business marketing client the other day when he […]

How to Respond to Attacks on Free Speech in 15 words.

Q: How should we, Americans ,who founded a country on Freedom of Speech, respond when terrorists attack the press, killing political cartoonists and the staff that supports them? A: Live (purposefully). Laugh (louder). Love (better). Unless we do these things, the terrorists have won. Paix sur la terre.

Small business customers should be delighted, image of a child tossing the planet like rubber ball

Small Business Customers – Delight them!

You are passionate about your product or service. It’s only natural that you want your small business customers to feel the same way. Here’s how. Use these 5 steps to delight your small business customers. Start at the beginning and build your brand around a niche.  You may not serve the widest audience serving a […]

Test and Measure your Marketing, Business (or Life!) Plan

Whether we’re talking about our businesses or our lives, having and executing a plan is vital if we are to live or manage purposefully.  To assure our purposeful work and lives are also successful, we must build into our plans little stops along the way where we test and measure our progress. Why test and measure? […]

Small business customers should be delighted, image of a child tossing the planet like rubber ball

Affecting Change

Change is constant.  The rate of change is accelerating.  But, people are resistant to change. How do we affect the types of change we want? The best things that I’ve learned about life, I’ve learned on a mountain bike.  Case in point, “You will hit what you are focused on, to be a better rider”, my […]

Why Story Telling Matters to Marketers

  Want to escape the ho-hum of the here and now?  Nothing transports you to another time and space like a good story. We’ve always known stories are transcendent, but why should that matter to marketers?  Providing information in narrative form engages people’s brains in a much fuller, sensory way than if the same information is provided […]