Blush blush! I hate talking about me.

I do love to talk about small business, entrepreneurs and ways to communicate with the most important people in our lives: our customers, clients, readers and donors. Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • I speak small business because I own one. I speak big business because that’s where I cut my teeth. Some campaigns I have worked on include Ford Motor Company’s No Boundaries Experience, Jamba Juice Southeast new store openings, and POPAI awarding winning pre-packaged shipper display for Nestle Beverage. I also helped the local animal shelter promote adoptions and their annual spaghetti supper. I honestly don’t see a difference between a membership drive and Ford’s high dollar campaign. Both seek to connect with an audience passionate about what they do. That’s what excites me the most about marketing the opportunity to connect with folks who are genuinely passionate about a subject.
  • I have held marketing management positions in industries as disparate as automotive, international seafood processing, digital and print publishing, mountain bike racing event management and the nonprofit world. Now I own a small business and am in the trenches solving the same problems as the largest sector of America’s economy – small business.
  • I believe best marketing happens when we understand our customers on a deep, emotional level and provide them with genuine utility served with integrity. I call it slow marketing, which doesn’t imply slow results, its just my way of saying do it right from the outset and you save time and money and in the long run will have superior, long lasting results.
  • The personal stuff. I really love my grandchildren. I’m an ad, marketing and communication junkie. I live in Maine in the middle of the Penobscot River. It’s almost embarrassing how much love the tomatoes I grow in my garden.

If you want to know more, you’ll just have to contact me.

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