Nonprofit organizations have many of the same challenges and goals as for-profit businesses. They also have issues unique to their status as charitable organizations.   Plan_it Marketing provides organizations with the skill set they need to tackle issues in today’s busy, digital world.

Resource Development

Organizations can not rely on traditional fundraising if they want to stay afloat in today’s competitive environment.   Building relationships with folks who are passionate about your mission is key.  Plan_it Marketing helps your organization identify key constituencies and involve them.   We’ll also take a look at your mission to help identify ways to turn what you are already doing into a fundraising platform.

Board Assessment

Organizational culture exists within every board.  What does yours look like?  If you are not sure, I promise that culture is shaping your organization, not the other way around.   Self assessment gives boards the tools they need to discover where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.   I highly encourage your organization to participate in a self assessment and make it at least a biannual activity.

21st Century Tools and Tips

Not getting the most out of your social media?  Want to get started?  Does your agency need a digital archive? Want to implement administrative best practices so your staff can do more with less frustration?  There’s a hack for that.  We’ll help you.

Have a Question?

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